The Bong - Tony Matthews: Your Composer of Note

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The Bong

The Bong

Once upon a time there was a little Bong!
Just the right size, and not too long
It sat upon upon a limped tree
Wild and happy, loved and free

Then one day the Bong met Bing
And fell in love with the little ding
That tinkled in the morning sun
Quiet unlike the noisy Gun!

Noisy Gun! Here was the Bang!
That in their life made the Clang!
That made the Bong and Bing go far
To escape the Bang sound, so bizarre

So if you listen hard and long
One day you may hear the Bong
For 'way from Bang, the Bong will sing
Love songs to it's life long Bing.

[Tony Matthews 2002]
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