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is where if a man is stabbed, rather than dying...
He sings.


(Spine tingling chord....)

Oh no!, what is this, that cuts my heart???

(dramatic chord)

The knife, the knife!!!, the Knife!!!!!!!! of!!!!!............

(dramatic silence followed by a gloomy chord)

.... death.....

(restless string accompaniment)

Oh No! I cry, for I'm to die
Upon this floor, on which I lie
I fear, I hear, celestial harp
My God!!, that pesky knife, was sharp!!

I see, the blood, flow freely now
Not much left, in pain, I bow
But for love, that fills my head
I'm sure by now, I should be dead.

(Soprano girlfriend/mistress/wife joins in)

My dearest one, my heart doth shriek!!
I see your body is getting weak

(Dying one replies)

(forte)        Ah yes, my dear,
(cresc)         Ah Yes My dear!!!,
(molto cresc) Ah.....................!!  (holds top "A")

I die.

(soprano) Oh no he's dead
(man)      ah yes I'm dead
(soprano) Oh no he's dead
(man)      ah yes I'm dead
(duet)      our love is gone as is his/my life......

(dramatic silence)

(Girlfriend falls sobbing over her man's lifeless body. As the lights dim, and solemn    minor key chords pervade....)

Ah yes, Ah yes........ I'm........ Dead......

(Sop shrieks as fast dramatic coda type music brings down the curtain, followed by    applause)

I realise that the above is a little far fetched and would never actually happen    in a serious opera. (after all the lyrics are in English). :-)

[Tony Matthews 2003]
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