Ode to the Bubble - Tony Matthews: Your Composer of Note

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Ode to the Bubble

Ode to the Bubble

Bubbly wubberly bubberly bub
Bubberly wubberly woo
Bubberly wubberly wibberly wobb!!
Cubberly lubberly coo?

Said......Bubberly wubberly to Bubberly bim
"I Bubberly wobberly you"
Bubberly Bim was pubberly pimmed
Poor Bubberly wubberly woo....

Bubberly wubberly wobberlied,
Bubberly wibbled the Wam.
So cubberly wibbered poor wobberly's bim
And bubberly wubberly went Bam!

Poor Bubberly......

[Tony Matthews 2003]
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