Humbly Boo - Tony Matthews: Your Composer of Note

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Humbly Boo

Humbly Boo

Did I tell you the story of Humbly Boo
The Uriah Heep of the clan
He was a nastiest piece of work
Since the time when Boo souls began

He found a small spider and pulled of its legs
He did this while out on parole
He then put in, the old kitchen sink
And rolled it right down the plug hole.

He'd hide his bad side to make out he's good
A Boo on a holy crusade!
The miss Boo's they loved him, because of his charm
But soon all the miss's were kissed.

But one day it's told, when Humbly was cold.
He looked back on life with a sigh
If only he'd taken his mother's advice
And learned that the end sure was nigh

Before him now stood, a man in a hood
A sight which now filled him with dread
For there was the axe that many had felt
On their necks, just before they were dead.

So endeth the story of Humbly Boo
A villain right to the end
Justice was done, to the Humbly One
Who drove everyone quite round the bend!

[Tony Matthews 2002]
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